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The Gallop of Past: LUZZITELLIDANIELI productions
Luzzitelli Danieli Productions 3d cgi animation still moving images productions


still and moving images productions

Founded in 1988 by Laura and Roberto Luzzitelli, LUZZITELLIDANIELI is a Photography Cgi Animation and Video creative production studio based in Turin, Milan and New York. Started as an advertising photography studio, LUZZITELLI DANIELI is now one of the largest and most competent in the field of Photography Cgi Animation

Always at the forefront of photo-realistic illustration, LUZZITELLIDANIELI has mastered all printing skills with the best integrated capabilities and evolved into a CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) studio in 2010. Our highly professional 3d CGI artists and retouchers work with passion and produce the highest quality work with delicate details. With knowledge and experience in the fields of photography, retouching and illustration, combined with advanced CGI skills that highlight creative projects and conceptual ideas, we strive for the best results. The highest quality of images and the satisfaction of our clients are always the top priority.
Based in Piedmont’s capital city,
Luzzitelli Danieli has 500 square meters of equipped area divided into 2 studio theaters, dressing rooms and dedicated production offices,
Equipped kitchen for food shooting , internal food stylist catering room and warehouses
The separate spaces as production offices,
offices for agencies and their clients, dressing rooms and meeting rooms,
allow different productions to coexist at the same time.

photography luzzitelli danieli productions  3d animation
Beauty and Fashion Photography luzzitelli danieli productions
photography 3d cgi animation  still moving images productions luzzitelli danieli productions  About our Studio
About our Studio FERRARI SF 90 Luzzitelli Danieli Productions still moving images productions  Photography 3d Cgi  Motion
Beauty and Fashion Photography luzzitelli danieli productions
photography luzzitelli danieli productions
LUZZITELLI DANIELI productions still life photography

What we Do

Creative Development

Shoot Production

CGI & Animation

VFX & Post


Our Clients

Thirty years of work in the world of images have given us a connotation purely based on Photography Cgi Animation with evident specializations in photography and Video food, drink and beverage, automotive, beauty, which have given us the opportunity to work with the best brands. in Italy in Europe and in the world

bugatti 3d cgi luzzitelli danieli productions
 LUZZITELLI DANIELI PRODUCTIONS  creative production studio Photography 3d Cgi  Motion

Our Latest Works

Our effort to keep you updated with respect to our latest works is continuous, we update the site in real time to involve you in our world of photography, cgi, animation and commercial videos. Take a look at our gallery of works and contact us for more information , and how we can help you to define your works in the way that best suits your expectations

About our Studio Luzzitelli Danieli productions creative production studio photography 3d cgi animation
nutella biscuits Luzzitelli Danieli Productions creative production studio photography 3d cgi animation

Get in Touch

Contact us if you would like to learn more about our work, about how we help our clients, We will share some of our latest work, innovations and recent insights and will lend a friendly ear to help resolve any challenges you may face.

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