AI and Rabbits.

The theory and development of computer systems capable of performing tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making and translation between languages.
Midjourney is an artificial intelligence image generation tool that takes input from a human (usually through text and parameter requests, but also other images) and uses a machine learning algorithm trained on a huge amount of image data to produce unique images.
Like most machine learning models, Midjourney can be a bit of a black box. It is so complex that it is difficult to explain to a layman what happens between receiving a text and producing an image.
What we can do is explore the output we get based on the input we provide, look for patterns and make assumptions. This will not necessarily give us a better understanding of how the system works, but it can help us learn how to use it better.
Note: I often anthropomorphise Midjourney here. I realise that he does not actually think, imagine, love or feel anything.
In the past, you may have seen artwork generated by artificial intelligence that does not work well. However, the works generated by MidJourney will certainly amaze you: not only are they unique, but some of them are truly breathtaking. We recently did some editorials with the Orient as a subject and had fun generating AI-generated rabbits that replaced models.
The result looks outstanding to us, what do you think?

AI and Rabbits Luzzitelli Danieli productions

AI and Rabbits

La teoria e lo sviluppo di sistemi informatici in grado di svolgere compiti che normalmente richiedono l’intelligenza umana, come la percezione visiva, il riconoscimento vocale, il processo decisionale e la traduzione tra le lingue.Che cos’è MidJourney? MidJourney è un nuovo strumento alimentato dall’intelligenza artificiale in grado di trasformare qualsiasi immaginazione in opere d’arte a partire dal testo. In passato potreste aver visto alcune opere d’arte generate dall’IA che non funzionano bene. Tuttavia, le opere risultanti da MidJourney vi stupiranno sicuramente: non solo sono uniche, ma alcune sono davvero mozzafiato. Abbiamo realizzato recentemente degli editoriali che avevano come soggetto l’oriente,e ci siamo divertiti a generare con AI l’intelligenza artificiale dei conigli che hanno sostituito le modelle.
Il risultato a noi sembra eccezionale,voi cosa ne pensate?