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Still and Moving Image Production since 1988


About our Studio FERRARI SF 90 Luzzitelli Danieli Productions  Photography 3d Cgi  Motion
Luzzitelli Danieli Productions cgi
About our Studio  Luzzitelli Danieli productions



Roberto Luzzitelli and Laura Danieli founded their shoot production studio in Turin – Italy, they grew up as photographers, and soon they implemented their skills by working in close contact with directors, post producers, digital artists, illustrators. Thanks to a very special group of enthusiastic guys, they create exciting images and videos, for advertising, packaging, editorial and more.
Luzzitelli Danieli’s great team makes the impossible possible with Photography, CGI, Animation and digital photo manipulation.
From the shot to the final image built with the utmost attention to detail, giving a high sense of realism and a fairytale feeling.
Working together is always a new growth opportunity.
Thinking outside the box is our talent, combined with a great passion, maximum care to obtain high quality results.
With over 30 years of creativity, we’re not done getting excited yet

photography luzzitelli danieli productions
photography luzzitelli danieli productions  About our Studio

What we Do

Creative Development

Shoot Production

CGI & Animation

VFX & Post



From location to studio, photographers to motion crews, motion capture to VFX supervision, we manage shoot production to any scale, brief, and budget.

creative production studio PHOTOGRAPHY CGI ANIMATION


creative production studio PHOTOGRAPHY CGI ANIMATION

Drink & Beverage

creative production studio PHOTOGRAPHY CGI ANIMATION

Drink & Beverage


We manage photographic productions both in the studio and on location, and we rely on the best location managers, food stylists, make-up artists, to create the best shootings for our customers.We also have an internal post-production department to manage all stages of the process in full autonomy. creative, from the shot to the final delivery.

creative production studio PHOTOGRAPHY CGI ANIMATION


creative production studio PHOTOGRAPHY CGI ANIMATION


creative production studio PHOTOGRAPHY CGI ANIMATION


creative production studio PHOTOGRAPHY CGI ANIMATION


3d Cgi and 3d Animation

3D animation is the process used to digitally generate animated images. The more general term, CGI, includes both dynamic images and static scenes, while 3D animation refers solely to moving images. In essence, it is a digital successor to traditional stop motion techniques.
what happens if the product to be represented has not yet been made, or if transporting it is too complex?

In these cases you need an image created specifically on the computer and extremely realistic, with attention to the smallest details: the Rendering.
We can quickly create the renderings you need for the catalog,
the price list or the website. All without the need to photograph
something physical. We can shape the location of yours
dreams, including the most inaccessible one in the physical world.

creative production studio PHOTOGRAPHY CGI ANIMATION

3d Cgi

Video & 3d Animation


We make the shooting where you want, how you want,
without even leaving the office.
If you have 3D models of what you produce, you can optimize the cost
that you have supported and use them to create the related renderings.
Use what you already have to shape a precious
communication tool, which will help your business.
At every stage of the project you can count on our team of professionals.
We have extremely varied skills,
that help us develop wonderful projects

Our Clients

Thirty years of work in the world of images have given us a connotation purely based on CGI Animation Photography with evident specializations in photography and Video food, drink and beverage, automotive, beauty, which have given us the opportunity to work with the best brands. in Italy in Europe and in the world

bugatti 3d cgi luzzitelli danieli productions

Our Latest Works

Our effort to keep you updated with respect to our latest works is continuous, we update the site in real time to involve you in our world of photography, cgi, animation and commercial videos. Take a look at our gallery of works and contact us for more information , and how we can help you to define your works in the way that best suits your expectations

About our Studio Luzzitelli Danieli productions
nutella biscuits Luzzitelli Danieli Productions

Our Blog

Our blog is the tool we use to tell stories and discuss our work and our interests, trying with our case studies to extend the experience by involving you and stimulating you to discuss. Write to us and comment, in order to help us improve our work more and more

Get in Touch

Contact us if you would like to learn more about our work, about how we help our clients, We will share some of our latest work, innovations and recent insights and will lend a friendly ear to help resolve any challenges you may face.

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